Robert L. Anemone

Professor of Anthropology

GDB alumna (2014 field season) and UNCG post baccalaureate student Ashley Bryant and PI Bob Anemone presented on their use of the NextEngine scanner and FormLabs 3D printer to explore the morphology of fossil bones at a MakerSpace conference in Greensboro.  This work was part of Ashley’s research project that sought to compare the accuracy and precision of measurements taken on fossils using calipers with the same measurements taken on digital models created with a laser scanner.

  • R Anemone and A Bryant (2015) Laser scans, 3D prints, and fossil bones. AcadeMAKE conference, UNCG, Greensboro, NC. Feb 20, 2015

UNCG professor, Dr. Robert Anemone, and his team search for fossils in Wyoming's Great Divide Basin while working on a National Science Foundation fund for the project "Developing and Testing New Geospatial Approaches in Paleoanthropology”. The project is using remotely sensed imagery to develop predictive models for the identification of potentially fossil-bearing localities. (David Wilson/UNCG photo)
Ashley Bryant screening sediment for Eocene fossils. (David Wilson/UNCG photo)
UNCG student, Ashley Bryant, searches for fossils in Wyoming's Great Divide Basin on July 14, 2014 (David Wilson/UNCG photo)
Ashley Bryant searches for fossils in Wyoming’s Great Divide Basin. (David Wilson/UNCG photo)